Squishy Pillows
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Soft and Squishy Pillows

Squishy pillows are preferable to many people for not only the softness they provide, but the added nestling quality they provide. Few things are as comforting as a crawling into bed after a long day and gripping your pillow tightly, feeling it squish between your hands, knees or even feet. Pillows that are made with more firm qualities provide support in different ways, but certain squishy pillows like neck pillows and microbead body pillows can more easily conform to the contours of your neck, back or any other body parts.

Many types of down pillows come in both firm and softer forms, the softer obviously being more squishy. Soft memory foam pillows also are very good for squishability, conforming tightly to features and quickly regaining its shape afterwards. Both of these types of pillows are very common, and come in many different shapes and sizes. But one type of pillow, which is currently growing rapidly in popularity is the microbead pillow. These pillows, filled with tiny polystyrene beads and usually encased in stretchable spandex shells, redefine what it means for a pillow to be squishable. Almost comparable to the bean bags we knew from our childhood, only larger, much softer, and the inner beads being much smaller, they contract and expand with every motion. It is easy enough to stretch a microbead pillow around your neck, ankles, and watch it pop back into shape.

As popular as squishy pillows are for adults, they are incredibly popular with children as well. The chaotic and troublemaking nature of children makes these types of pillows, especially microbead pillows, perfect for them. Watch your child stretch, pull, crumble and throw (hopefully without damage to the home) these squishy pillows around, and to their surprise the pillows don't break or lose their shape, but just roll with the punches.

No matter the brand, size, shape or color, whether used for the home or travel pillows for the road, a pillow that can be molded and squished have fantastic qualities that set them above the more inert and less interesting types of pillows out there.

Squishy Pillows Squishy Pillows